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Haley & Eli | Wedding Barn at The Lazy Daisy Farm

"Rain on your wedding day is good luck. A knot tied when wet is harder to unknot." I've had to say this exact thing more than I would like to. I want my brides to have gorgeous wedding days, the kind dreams are made of. But that hasn't been the case the past couple of weddings. Haley & Eli's wedding day, it monsooned! I don't think we ever had a break in the rain and the wind was crazy. But you know what? Everything was still beautiful! The barn was filled with people who love these two so much! And there was so much laughter. This wedding was a tad bit different for us as our car died during the reception and we were unable to leave. But we were so blessed that the bride's mother gave us a ride, called us a tow, and did everything in her power to get us home and dry. Not only that but Randy and Kelly at the venue were phenomenal. They allowed us to leave our car on their property overnight, offered to help us the next day, and even let us use their property for some wedding photo retakes! Even with all of the things that went wrong, this day was still one of my favorite weddings and I can't get over how beautiful it all turned out!

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