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Brianna & Lafayette | The Jeffersonian

I try to tell my brides during our initial meeting that your wedding day will not go perfectly, no matter how hard you try. Most just laugh and move on. But seriously, everything will not go to plan. Some things will mess up, and that's ok.

When it came to Brianna and Lafayette's wedding day, I was concerned about the heat for their outdoor photos. But our biggest upheaval was the hotel's power going out while the girls were getting ready. It's a cute story now and it made her wedding day memorable. The girls managed to still get ready on time and look absolutely gorgeous. And the heat, well...there were some sweaty moments but for the most part we were blessed with a cool breeze.

Your wedding day will not go perfectly. But you are still married at the end of the day, and you can still have some amazing photos to commemorate your day!

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