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Baby Austin | Louisville, KY

I'm playing catch up on my blogging so this post is super late. But I loved this session so much. Moms (and moms-to-be), things don't always go perfect. And that's ok. Keep that in mind when we're doing your in-home sessions. Your house doesn't have to be spotless (let's be honest, that's just not real life). Your baby is going to fuss. The session is going to take some time. And that's all ok. You never have to apologize to us for things happening. We're used to it and it's part of the job. We just want you to be comfortable, take care of your family, and be real.

Megan and her newborn were as real as they come. We had to stop a few times to get baby to calm down. We had to pass on some shots because baby wasn't feeling it. Or in some cases, the dog was too hyper. But that's ok. Because they still have their beautiful newborn son who is an absolute doll!

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