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Andrea & Bristol | Indiana Wedding

When I was first starting out, I despised rainy wedding days. Partially because I didn't know what to do with them photography wise and partially because it always seemed to put my brides in a funk. But you know what? Rainy wedding days are freakin' beautiful! Even if the clouds never part and it monsoons the whole day, it's still a gorgeous day because we get to witness two people promising forever to each other. Andrea & Bristol's day was no different. It was cold and rainy and windy. Basically, looking outside, it seemed like the most miserable day. But that definitely didn't dampen their spirits. Both bride and groom were so ready to get married and their excitement spread to everyone else. Even with the chilly weather and the wind, we managed to get outside and get some gorgeous photos with the sun while it stuck around. And most importantly, these two lovely people started their life together!

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