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Aaron & Gloria | Southern Indiana Wedding

Pandemic weddings. Who knew this was going to be a thing? I feel for all of these brides having to make decisions they didn't see coming. You've planned and planned for this day only for things to be thrown into chaos. But you know what? I've watched these women meet this challenge on with grace and a fierceness that's so admirable. And because of that, we've managed to capture some absolutely gorgeous intimate weddings such as this one. Aaron & Gloria's day was an absolute fairytale. They chose to go with a backyard wedding for their day and it was a fantastic decision. The backyard garden was a literal dream, filled with ivy and flowers, and sunlight that filtered through the trees. It was hard not to feel like you were in a fantasy forest.

Gloria's dress complemented the setting perfectly! I could've taken pictures of her in that garden for days. Not only was the setting beautiful, but the decorations (created by the bride and family) were absolutely stunning. This was such a special day and we loved getting to capture so many beautiful moments.

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